These experience boxes can be used in a multitude of ways and encompass three important parts of leading members and not-yet members into a life of wellness.

These boxes show just how easy it is to use essential oils to create homemade versions of the stuff they buy at the store.


You can choose to host an in-person workshop, virtual workshop, or encourage your team to grab a box to create with their friends and family.

Since each box comes with enough for 5 individual pieces, you can also use these boxes as gifts; whether that be for the holidays, special occasions, or even as rank gifts (the affirmation rollers and face serums are great choices!).

Each purchase of a box contains a free PDF download that can be printed and given to every person that either makes or receives as a gift. The free PDF download includes how to use the product and how to remake it. It’s important to give them the knowledge on how to re-make the product so they can either grab a starter kit to make those products or add the oils to their Essential Rewards order.

Most boxes use Premium Starter Kit oils to always bring value around the PSK and help encourage kit sales.

IN PERSON WORKSHOP IDEA: Grab 4-5 members or not-yet members and have them split the cost for a box or two. Grab some wine, Ningxia, or tea and get crafty together. Everything you need is already included in the box so there is no need to fuss or worry.

VIRTUAL WORKSHOP IDEA: For local members or not-yet members, you can offer a porch pick up with the ingredients divvied out and then host a zoom call where everyone makes it together if you are choosing to stay at home.


With these carefully curated boxes, people are able to experience a taste of how fun it is to use essential oils in their homes.

It opens up people’s eyes to how easy it is to whip up a bottle of elderberry syrup for wellness or put together a quick all-purpose cleaner that is 100% plant-based with no hint of green washing to it.

Members or not-yet members get to experience the process of transformation when you take a few simple ingredients to create something luxurious, healthy, and effective.

The process of transformation, in my opinion, not only happens in a physical sense of putting ingredients together but also an emotional sense because people see how simple, fun, and purposeful using essential oils for their health and wellness is.


When you combine the right education and a lighthearted experience, empowerment naturally rises up in that person’s heart.

People shift from thinking that living a life of wellness is complicated, a drag, and challenging to easy, purposeful, feels good. They seem community and support and belonging — something that the Young Living community does an incredible job of doing already.

When you teach someone how to experience something good for them and you empower them, they become more confident in their ability to begin the transformation of their life and their wellness. These boxes give you the tools to empower your members and not-yet members to take the leap of faith and join you in your oily journey.